Your wedding is an important day in your life. But stressful is not what it should be. I’ve heard continuous horror stories of Brides and Grooms who had spent a fortune on their weddings. Weddings with beautiful venues, elaborate decorations, entertainment. But I hear all to often that the one thing they regret, is their photos. And so what went wrong? Why were they not happy with their photos?Maybe the Bride &  groom didn’t really know what they wanted at the time.Maybe they just didn’t have the budget. Maybe they did have the budget for a nice photographer but didn’t set aside the time to really get good pictures. I must say....I am guilty of this. I too had a cheap photographer years ago, but not only that when it came time to really take the right photos at the right time, I didn’t give my photographer the time a day! (This last part let me add  is so important) If you want that natural light feel (which by the way is around sunset) You better be planning around that beautiful time. ( or at least break away from that Reception for 30 minutes) Trust me you won't regret it! Communication is key! It is my responsibility to find out what you want so lets chat some before you start planning!

     So what does this all have to do with my little business Rose and Bee Photography you ask? Occasionally when my clients ask for referrals this is when I step in and help. Consultation is what I do. I have my little team that I love to work with, and they are the people I go to. These are the people I know and trust, as well as other ideas that will better suit you. 

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