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Changes for 2022!

Looks like my last weddings will be booked! Rose & Bee has been running since 2014. It’s been a great 8 years but I’m ready to offer more! So excited to see my old clients for my last photo shoots this year! I wanted to let you know that what’s planned is set in stone and not to worry. I will be closing sometime in March during this process, and I hope to reopen within a month or two.


So what does this look like for My business as well as my regular clients? I am rebranding, closing, and reopening a new  business as an independent artists and photographer!!! Not much different. I will be offering portraits paintings, custom artwork, interior design work, and still photography.  Although photography will not be the center of my business, I will still be offering it. Especially to my regular clients! I want to offer more though. So you can get more out of your photos. 


Some new things I will be offering as a local artist will be


1. Photo packages that also offer fine art paintings done by me


2. Custom photography, and decorative art custom to your home.


3. Fine Art Digital Photography packages. 


4. Eventually I would like  to offer something for all your creative needs. Yet more personal. 


So I am asking all my clients to pay now or wait until my other business is up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience. But, I promise you that you will not be inconvenienced. I’m still a photographer, I will just have more to offer!


Thank you to all my regular clients! You made my photography business. You stuck with me through Covid, and made my business succeed for as long as it did. For this I thank you!  New business coming soon....


Thank you, 

Deborah Whitt

It all started with Rose. What was meant to be just a mom and a camera capturing memories that I would later paint, bloomed into a passion and obsession. My name is Deborah Marie Whitt But you can call me Deb. My old friends call me Debbie. I am the owner of my small little business Rose & Bee Photography. Rose & Bee Photography Launched in 2014. I am a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer, specializing in natural light candid lifestyle photography. I do mainly Elopements and small weddings, but I still do custom portraits and family photography.  Are you ready to hire a photographer? I have plenty of recommendations to make the most of your elopement or small wedding.  I have a lovely team I love to work with, so call me before you start planning!


I just love hand editing! I offer fine art photography! Check out this before and after. I saw something in this picture and just had to enhance the drama!

I love to stand back and let moments unfold. 

I love to tell a story though my work. 

When my clients cry I know Iv'e done my job....

I love to get to know my clients. scheduling an ENGAGEMENT session is a great ice breaker. Key to a great Wedding. Think of it as a rehearsal for the big deal! 

Here we are 21 years of marriage!

My husband and I on our 14th Wedding Anniversary

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